WarmApp is an exercise library for CrossFitters from CrossFitters, completely free of charge. Our mission is to deliver great training resources to our community. If you are interested in human movement, mobility, strength, and gymnastics, you are at the right address. Most of the content is geared towards the CrossFit community (we are not affiliated with CrossFit HQ), but can of course be used for other disciplines.

We have built an exercise database that covers the needs of athletes and coaches, whether it's progressions, mobility drills, strength exercises, or scaling options. WarmApp is designed to make it easy for you to find the content that is relevant to you.

Available content:

  • Warm-up exercises for movements and body parts
  • Movement progressions and how-tos
  • Scaling options for your workouts
  • Mobility drills and routines
Athlete doing a thruster